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Reducing Wrinkles with Plant Extracts (studies)

Reducing wrinkles as a part of our daily beauty program is the number one long term goal. An increasing number of clinical studies is suggesting that the skin matrix and the appearance of wrinkles can be influenced through the intake of highly antioxidative plant extract containing a high concantration of polyphenols like ECGC, procyanidines, isoflavones and catechines.

Below you will find just a few of many studies conducted regarding polyphenols and the skin:

Polyphenols and Skin in general

  • A recent article published 2015 in the Swiss magazine “Antioxidants” takes a deeper look into Photoaging, the extracellular matrix and the oral or topical application of plant antioxidants, i.e. tea, cocoa, grape / wine, soy or pomegranate. Please read more here (full article)1:

Skin, UV rays and Grape Seed extract

  • A

Skin structure, wrinkles and coca extract


Wrinkles, moisture and Pomegranate extract


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